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Hopefully the sunroof is the same in Sweden as it is in Canada, just take your time and I'm sure that it will be fine. Good luck!
Well, I ordered the part numbers as mentioned by Specialized and even checked the numbers out here: but they must have different versions or changed the design over the years. The ones I received look the same but the curved section that extends out from the mounting pivot is not as long as the ones on my car. So they aren't wide enough to fit in the tracks, at least 8mm on each side, so impossible to get the moving glass back on the car with the new ones.
Now the sunroof won't open fully because I can't get the old tilt arm on the drivers side to sit properly in the track. I need to enlist the assistance of a tall strong friend to help me line it up when it goes back on :)

In the first image you can see the new tilt arm mounted on the metal bracket. I then held the old one next to it so the pivot was lined up. You can see the difference in placement of the plastic slider. he new one is much closer to the metal bracket.
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The small plastic slider is missing on the old one but I'mnot sure this is the problem - there's a load of crap stuck to the old sliders from too much lube.
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They look almost identical - it's the part to the right of my middle finger that is different - that distance between the screw and the part the sliders are mounted on is longer on the old one.
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