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Hi! 2017 Santa Fe. I "upgraded" the navigation software to the nov 20 release, and lost a few things.. First, I lost the battery and signal indicator for my cell phone. DEFINITELY worked before, and now its gone. Go onto the site and it says my phone (motorola razr) is incompatible. Funny, it worked just fine before I did the update!
Then - I can NOT for the life of me find 2 things in the navigation.
1 - When I have a route in the navigation, there is no STOP or CANCEL ROUTE. Just pause. Where the heck is the cancel route?
2 - Is there a GLOBAL setting for choosing route options such as avoid tolls etc? I can no longer find it. Any route I choose automatically is set for that, and its annoying to have to go in each time, change it AFTER I created the route, turn the options off to avoid tolls and ferries (which I happen to live by both lol) and then have it recalculate.

Honestly, whats irking me the most is the loss of the battery and signal icon for the phone.
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