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Transmission Shifting Issue

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Bought a used 2017 SE today. Love it, until driving it earlier and experienced a serious transmission issue. Accelerating from a stop, the car jerked from 1sr to 2nd gear.. almost like a bang. Happened each time until I got home, started it up again 2 hours later and the issue seems to be gone.

Car has 57k on the odometer, curious if anyone has experienced something similar and what the remedy was. Will be working with the dealer who sold me the car to sort this out, but I'm worried I won't be able to easily replicate it on demand.
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Personally I'd get it back to the dealer ASA you're sure how to duplicate the bang consistently.
Kevin I might think about getting the car back to the sales people today and demand your mony returned ...if it shifts badly on the way there. I think you have very strong return rights if you get it back by the 3rd day after sale, check your states buyers remorse laws.:nerd
I have this exact problem with my 2017 SE almost 60k on the dash. I’ve had the vehicle nearly two year and it started towards the end of this past winter. Initially, it would only have the hard shift after a cold shift and only the first time it shifted from 1st to second. After that, normal shifts. It didn’t do it every morning but it would only do it in the morning.

Then about a month ago, my wife had just got home from a 39 mile drive and I took it to get gas. It hard shifted from 1st to 2nd every time I came to a stop on my way to the store. After getting gas and starting it back up I headed to the store and there were zero hard shifts. A few days later, same type of situation, it had just been driven for 30 or so miles. I then took it to the store and it had shifted 1st to 2nd on the way there. Smooth shifting on the way home.
I have found zero results on my research of this problem. I can not afford to take it to a shop to get it checked. There are no dash lights on and my home obd2 scanner isn’t finding any error or pending codes so I’m at a loss. It’s a sealed transmission so all I can think of is a hard failure or some sort of electric solenoid (maybe there is a computer problem at start that causes the initial hard shift or continuing hard shifts until the vehicle is restarted). The next time it happens I plan on pulling over immediately and restarting the vehicle to see if the issue continues.

Please update if you find anything out, and I will do the same.
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Well it's nice to know I'm not the only one. Mine is still under warranty, and I'm taking it in on Tuesday next week to have them check it over. I'll update afterwards what is or isn't found.

I found a service bulletin that sounds like it might be related and sent it to the dealer in advance. I've read elsewhere that a guy had a 2016 model and experienced similar issues, replacing the solenoid seemed to be the solution. The fact it's intermittent makes me think it's a temperature sensor or computer issue, but we'll see.
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Noting here, the dealer is likely resetting the transmission computer so that it is able to 'adapt' to our driving style. One of their mechanics took it home tonight to see if they're able to duplicate the issue after a long drive, but I doubt it will happen. They mentioned since I reported it under warranty they'll still take care of any issues that popup after 60k miles which is nice. I'll report back after I get it back tomorrow as to if the trans reset makes it better/worse. They said it could go either way
Issue popped up again this weekend, and was able to get it on video. A bit difficult to really document because you can't really hear it, more of a physical lurch. Contacted the dealer, sent him 2 videos, waiting to hear back today. Mentioned how others had the solenoid valves fixed, so we'll see what they recommend.
Same transmission slipping issue

I have a 2017 Santa Fe AWD and the 3.3L engine, 65K miles. I bought the car used almost two years ago. Within the last two weeks I started to feel a slippage after backing out of my driveway as I shifted into drive. It would slip and you'd hear a load clunk. Drove to the end of the street and it would make the same noise and feel turning onto another side street. If I placed the car into manual mode I could shift without hearing or feeling the clunk noise. Took it to Chapman Hyundai dealer here in the Phx area. They told me I needed a new transmission and quoted me $3800 with a 1 year/12K mile warranty. Took it to a local transmission shop who told me that a gear had come loose inside and that they couldn't rebuild and I needed a re-manufactured tranny. $4000 later (2 for the tranny, 2 for labor) I get the car back and it is still doing the exact same thing. Its going back to the trannny place on Monday, I just don't understand what else could be wrong.
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I had my transmission replaced and got it back today, issue seems to be resolved.

Related to your issue, is it 'slipping' between shifts? Mine was covered under warranty but I can't believe that didn't fix your problem. Id take it back to that same shop that did the work and ask them to figure it out.
Intermittent hard shift

Took it back to the repair shop last week. They performed the solenoid update. Took it home again but a couple days later it acted up again. Back to the shop. The transmission acted up the entire way to the shop, a 10 mile trip. I get there, turn it off to go in and talk. Come out start it up NO PROBLEMS. Everything worked. Kevin I can't wait to hear what the dealer has to say about your issue. My repair shop says bring it back and don't turn it off this time. What a great way to start the week!
I had a similar issue with my 2017 SFS 2.0T and ultimately the dealership replaced the transmission. I bought it with about 23K miles on it, luckily still under warranty. It took three visits to the dealership to get the repair shop to determine the issue. I described the issue, I recorded a video of the vehicle jerking on my phone, and I even left it with them for a couple week so the shop guys could drive it around to see if it would jerk. An important key point - one of the shop techs had to be in the car to observe the vehicle jerking. They need to witness the issue being replicated. That seems to be how they are able to work with Hyundai corporate.
For reference, these are the Technical Service Bulletins for a SFS (note, they may be different for an SE but good info is on TrueDelta): TSB ID: 5NP-U2H9N-08 .. TSB ID: 5NP-A2D2E-12.

Good luck!
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Having same issue with my 2015 Santa Fe ltd. Following to see if anyone found a solution to the problem.
Same issue here. Started with a hard shift from 1 to 2 when it was cold, every once and a while. Then one day, every stop was a hard shift from 1 to 2. This would happen periodically and shutting the car off and turning it back on would solve the problem, until next time. I called Hyundai several times about it and they said that they have to see it. BUT, I could never get anyone on the phone at my local dealership when it was having the problem and reception was telling me everyone was too busy to see me. It was so frustrating that I wrote a letter to corporate. Corporate called me several times, I didn't pick up originally because I thought it was a spam call. They told me they spoke directly to the service manager at my dealership and they were ready and waiting for me to show the issue to them. It took months before the timing was right, as it always seemed to happen after the service center was closed. Finally, a few days ago it was happening in the middle of the day. I headed to the dealership and it quit 2 stop lights before I arrived. It was SO frustrating! So, I drove another 4 miles or so ,stopping and shutting the car off and starting again every 1/4 mile. Eventually, it started doing it again and I hurried back to the dealership. They were attentive and on top of it. Their mechanic came out and got in the car with me. It did the hard shift and he immediately said, "looks like you need a new transmission." He said it could be a temperature sensor, but seems like a news trans is in order. They got me setup with a rental and are working on it now. Like someone else on here said, they have to experience it for themselves. If they're not open to you popping in and showing them, contact corporate. Best of luck everyone!
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2017 XL, 57,000 miles.

Something like this has started happening to ours. Shifts from 2nd to 3rd (accelerating through 20 mph) will usually have a bump/jolt/lurch. You can feel it the mostly under light throttle, or in stop/go town driving. If you have to hold the throttle right under the shift point and creep up to it (think slow driver in front of you, or a hard left turn for a highway on-ramp) it'll be most likely to jolt the whole car.
same thing happened to me starting about 6 months ago, it happened intermittently. I finally took it to the dealer while fixing the Santa Fe brake recall. After one and half day checking, they returned the car saying they couldn't had it happen after driving the car 30 miles, neither they found any record of such event happened in the "blackbox" recorder. The car was running fine on the day I brought it back. One day after it happens again. I only had 35k miles on for this 2017 Santa Fe, so it should be still on warranty. It's frustrated that it is happening but I just can't show it to the dealer.
I started having this exact issue with my 2017 Santa Fe Limited Ultimate after the dealership did a transmission fluid flush in April. It began slowly - and two weeks ago it began slamming hard into second gear and then progressed quickly to slamming hard into the downshifting gears. Parked it and waited two weeks for my appointment with the dealership to fix it. They couldn't recreate the issue and the Technician did an adaptive value reset on the transmission and brought the transmission fluid "up to the proper level." This fix, driving the car home, seemed to make the problem much worse and we have to take it back to the dealership tomorrow morning. They said there were no codes showing and the car is otherwise fine. I bought this used in 2019 with 32k on it and it now has just over 80k. I've had all maintenance completed and bought the extended warranty at purchase as it was a Certified used purchase. We'll see what they say tomorrow. I LOVE this car - everything about it is perfect for me except for this new issue.
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Update on my transmission issue from hell journey with Hyundai. Dropped the car off on the 16th and was unable to reach anyone for a week to find out what was going on. Got a template text message that the "tech was still working to determine the problem and they would contact me when they knew more and thank you for your patience" crap. So frustrating.

Finally spoke to a service manager on Thursday the 29th who said the techs haven't been able to "reproduce the problem" even though this service manager rode with my husband when we brought the car back and it was acting up like crazy for him and the service manager was in the car at the time. I consider that proof more than sufficient for "documentation of the problem."

I told the service manager to take the car home with him and drive it like it was his. It's under warranty and it's astonishing to me that, if you're paying cash, they'll replace a transmission with NO PROBLEM. If you try to get a transmission replaced under warranty they will find every excuse under the sun to not do it. The service manager even asked me if I accelerate hard off stop lights or braked hard when needing to stop - as if this problem is a driver's fault.

We'll see what happens this week...
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Anyone actually sort this issue out? Other than replacing the tranny? Our 2017 XL is doing the same thing as everyone on here has mentioned. Took it to our mechanic and he spent the day off and on driving it and could not duplicate.
Anyone actually sort this issue out? Other than replacing the tranny? Our 2017 XL is doing the same thing as everyone on here has mentioned. Took it to our mechanic and he spent the day off and on driving it and could not duplicate.
I'm in a HUGE fight with my dealership on that right now. They've had my car for a solid month - finally able to reproduce the problem and sent the data off to some data center in California (!!??!!??) and were waiting on instructions on how to repair the problem. After a week of hearing nothing, I went to the dealership and was told they'd ordered a replacement shift solenoid and will replace that. I know from other research that that is not the solution to this problem. The transmission is bad, and the only fix is replacing the transmission with a new one.

Because this is under warranty, they're doing everything they can to not replace the transmission. I'm certain if I'd walked in with 5k in cash and said, "Replace the transmission," it would have been accomplished within a week.
Anyone actually sort this issue out? Other than replacing the tranny? Our 2017 XL is doing the same thing as everyone on here has mentioned. Took it to our mechanic and he spent the day off and on driving it and could not duplicate.
I took to the dealer. It's the same thing, they ran 15 miles but couldn't recreate the case. They told me they check the Hyundai "Black Box" records, there was nothing about transmission issue.
What I plan to do next is to print out all the postings about this issue in this forum, show them to the dealer service guy. All I want is I can bring the car in if this happens again and they will drive with me to experience the issue. If they disagree with it, I have write to their CEO or some high level manager.
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