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TPMS Sensors

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I live in the mountains of Colorado at the end of a one mile one-lane road. For winter, I have purchased a second set of wheels and dedicated snow tires (Nokian hakkapeliitta 10's) which are less than desirable on dry summer roads and highways. My Santa Fe is a 2020 which of course has OEM TPMS sensors. My second set of wheels/tires has a set of after-market TPMS sensors installed. The problem is what to do about rotating tires front to back (both sets) and swapping wheels/tires as seasonal conditions dictate and resetting the Santa Fe's computer to "pair" them.

Apparently, it requires a special TPMS tool to reset the sensors to the Santa Fe's computer to display correctly on the LCD dash display. Alternately you can take it to the dealer and pay labor at $140/hr. for them to reset them every time you swap out. This is absurd. So I looked into buying my own tool which runs over $200 and might not work with both OEM and aftermarket sensors. The Hyundai dealer warned that after-market sensors might not work, and of course wants to sell me OEM sensors at twice the price after charging for R&R of the wheels/tires and resetting them.

What are you all doing about tire rotations and wheel swaps? Is there a simple solution to this, other than paying for resets several times a year, or just running with the orange tire light on and no PSI readout?
If you are using a TPMS reset tool, which one works?
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Next time buy OEM sensors from a discount parts store (like HyundaiOEMpartsdirect), to avoid issues like that. As far as having to reset them every time, I was under the impression newer vehicles automatically do that after a few miles. Not sure if SFs, but let's see what others say. You could try when you put back the OEM wheels, and wait a few miles to see if they auto-calibrate, and pressures show up. And yes, I'd absolutely buy a tool now that you're stuck with those sensors. And if you bought the right sensors, it should work on both OEM and aftermarket, since they must use the same frequency. Dealers always want to screw you. Good luck.
I was remiss in not following up on this thread. The tire store from which I purchased the snow tires did not handle wheels, so I bought the wheels and sensors from an online major source (Tire Rack) which also provided the sensors. They used their own tool to "sync" the new sensors to the snow tire/wheels. Upon switching back to OEM wheels/tires, the Santa Fe immediately recognized not only the sensors but also recognized the new position of the wheels after a front to back rotation. What remains to be seen is if, when going back to the snow tires this winter, the non-OEM sensors will be recognized automatically. I'm guessing they will.
or, record a manual PSI reading, compare it to the car's reported PSI and make allowances:coffee:
Santa Fe immediately recognized not only the sensors, but also recognized the new position of the wheels after a front to back rotation.
Awesome; that's what I thought, and good to hear. And yes, the new sensors, if compatible, should be recognized as well.
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