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Towing Issues Transmission not shifting

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Here goes, was towing a small utility trailer with motorcycle - bike weight 650 Lbs. About two hours into trip going away from home. Stopped at a rest area for about 10 minutes. restarted and pulled back on high way using smart mode. As I was just about to reach my cruising speed 65 MPH the trans mission seemed to lock up in one gear, (smart mode symbol was blue vs green) this lasted about 5 minutes. no matter what I did it would not shift (slow down speed up even tried changing the trans mode.

Then on my return trip it happened again about 1/2 hour into trip home - but I had to drive like this for about 1/2 hour before I could pull off highway, what ever I did could not get car to shift to another gear. Pulled over and shut car off for about 10 minutes. Started up and the rest of the ride home 2 1/2 hours everything was fine. during he gear lock up no problem light no indication of issues.

Stopped by the dealer to day and made an appt for them to look at it, has any one run into this type of problem before? (note dealer stated it would be a $99 charge to investigate the issue. Will keep you all informed as I have an appt on Friday.
also I know have 4K miles on the car and have not had this issue prior to the towing and have not had it since.
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Thanks --- would like to know how this is addressed. Why the 99 buck fee ??? Are you out of warranty ?
Just wanted to give an update, Drove over this morning to the dealer before work and spoke with service personnel, the car is in warranty but they charge a fee any where from 99 - 125 for evaluation ( if an issue is found the warranty would cover work but still require service evaluation payment). (WTF) Service adviser took a quick look into the health report of the car and everything shows OK. However they stated they could try and duplicate the issue (but have no trailer) and stated the only thing would be to see if a new software update is available (that might fix it). but a quick look shows nothing. SO (I will not be towing anything in the near future) canceled the appt. (don't want to waste money) will wait for my next oil change and see what happens. If any one else has the same issue please let me know. (checked into this issue in earlier models and there seems to be a vague thread about it but no resolution)..
towing issues

Your report is a bit disconcerting. On multiple levels. For example the $99 fee. That seems absurd.

But the towing issue itself is problematic. Is your vehicle FWD or AWD? 2.0 turbo or 2.4? I am planning on pulling the smallest available covered U-Haul trailer across the country - ie Ohio to Arizona. I don't relish the idea of transmission issues during the trip.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem hauling a trailer with their 2019 Santa Fe?
Good morning my vehicle is a AWD 2.4 - SEL Plus - (I was contacted yesterday from some one on the forum) and they recommended that if this should happen again, I switch over and try the manual mode on the transmission. This is done by moving the gear selector (when in drive slide it over towards the driver) and then you can switch gears manually. wish I knew about this when it was happening.

Yes and I think the $99 is a ripe off, Good luck on your trip.
Looked in my 2918 SF Owners manual for towing speed

Weird tidbit of info. I just bought the SUV the other day and the salesman didn't tell me the recommended towing speed for the SF is 60 mph. Mildly surprised when I found that information in the owner's manual.
when I was having the issue saw the same notice in the manual, also was never informed about the manual option.
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