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Technology package option for 2013

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I'm looking for an older Santa Fe but I have to admit that I like the sounds of their Technology Option package for $2900.
Another popular bundling of options is the Technology Package ($2,900). Among the features added are a panoramic moon roof, a navigation system with an 8" touch screen, heated steering wheel, side window sunshades and an Infinity Logic 7 premium, surround sound system.
I've heard good things about the Infinity Logic systems. Anyone adding this package to their next Santa Fe? I'm assuming you can get it with either the Sport or the new longer wheel-base version coming up.
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At first $2900 seemed like a lot, but those sound like some great luxury features. If I was going to buy a new Santa Fe, I'd definitely consider this package. Unfortunately, I'm also leaning toward something used at this point.
Hi, I have 2013 Santa Fe with standard stereo but want the larger / upgraded oem unit. Has anyone tried to change them out?
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