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Hi - new member here - working on a 2012 Santa Fe 3.5 with a dead starter. The issue is that the original starter has 10 teeth and is P/N 36100-3C151. However replacement starters with that P/N from 3 parts suppliers only have 8 teeth. eBay's listing of which starters fit which models are just plain wrong. Auto Zone couldn't figure it out either. I think Hyundai has played fast and loose with their build records.

The closest match I could find was on Amazon - where a 10-tooth starter with P/N 36100-3C151 is listed - but not for the 2012 Santa Fe 3.5. It does list it for a 2014 Sedona 3.8

Anybody else tried to wade through this mess? We called a dealer and they said the only way to know for sure is to start with the VIN and hope for the best. What a cluster.
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