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My wife and I recently bought a 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, Se. It's the base trim and it didn't come with the roof rails seen in the higher trim levels. I am on the search for something that is cheap, but well-made that can be rigged to fit.

To be clear though, I would like to point out that I am looking at junkyard cars for this roof rail system. Subarus, Nissans, Toyotas, pretty much any and all CUVs or SUVs that have well-made roof racks that I can DIY mount on the top of our Santa Fe.

My question to everyone here is, has anyone ever tried anything like this? Have you taken a part from a different vehicle, especially a roof rack, and bent, cut, or modified it in any way to make it work for your own vehicle?

It's obvious that different cars have different roof shapes. Does anyone know of an older vehicle that might sport aimilar dimensions to that of a 2019 Santa Fe?

I thank anyone who can give me a little insight.
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