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After giving up on Foresters (2003) recently due to expense and Head gasket problems, etc. I have been trying to find some type of smaller SUV and after a month or so ran across the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Tucson. I like the look of the 2011, 2012 Santa Fe's more though because they look similar in my opinion to Foresters. Anyways, I was all excited after coming across a couple in my area for arouns $11, 12k with fairly low mileage of under 70k and one that had 56k. That is until I began reading about the various complaints that they STALL out and stuff. Is this true? I'm depressed .... lol, I really like the look of the Santa Fe and can't seem to find anything else that I like!

Is this really a common problem? Is there a simple fix if it is? Should I avoid Santa Fe's and get something else?? :(

Thank you
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