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SFS 3.3L 7 Seater

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Im new to the forum. I live in Qatar, and expecting my new SFS 3.3L 7 seater next month. I pre ordered the red.

and yes here in GCC they offer SFS 3.3L 7 seater as well as SF 3.3L 7 Seater LWB.

Have a nice day....
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I too have the SF 7 Seater AT 4WD in India (attached pic) as this is the only model they sell over hear - Also no LWB model of SF sold in India by Hyundai. Had a very tough time sourcing its "Cargo Screen" as Hyundai does not sell it in India being a 7 Seater model. Finally got it from Dubai, But in black colour instead of Dark Brown or Chocolate Colour as in Dubai they sell the SF only with Dark Grey interiors whereas in india it's only sold in Beige & Brown interiors.

I was in Oman recently & spotted a white SF, attached is its photo - Hope your's looks the same being GCC market as most should be similar. It was too a 7 seater.

Hope you are enjoying driving it?

All the best for years of trouble free ownership!


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