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2020 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0T HTRAC
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I've owned my Santa Fe for about 8 months now and while I've generally been happy with, I've always felt like the Turbo didn't respond as well or as strong as any other Turbo I've ever owned.

Fast forward to last month and I had to take my SF into the Hyundai store because - out of the blue - it started making a LOUD clattering noise like it was out of oil that would only occur when I had was stopped at a light or intersection. When I would start driving again it would go away, only to return when I stopped for a light again. This happened for 6 or 7 consecutive stoplights and then suddenly went away, never to return.

I still decided to take it in and let them look at it to make sure it didn't have any issues. When I did, I told them how disappointed I have been with the performance of the Turbo in relation to other Turbos I've owned/driven. They said they would look into it.

2 days later I got it back and they said they were unable to replicate my clattering issue or find any issues with the drivability of it.

BUT, from the first time I hit the gas after getting it back, it is a far different vehicle. It accelerates faster, responds quicker and it even makes a "Turbo Acceleration" sound it didn't use to make. The Hyundai service department swears they did nothing to it, so am I just thinking it's quicker and better, or did they do some sort of software upgrade to it or something else?

Just curious if anyone else has had an experience similar to mine?

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