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Serpentine belt, v-belt SantaFe 2009

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Bought the Sante Fe 2009 brand new, september 2009. In april 2012, less than 3 years, a squeak was coming out from the pulleys, the Hyundai mechanic told me I had to change my serpentine belt (v-belt) since it was used, not cover by the warranty. At that time, I said no big deal, it must be done. Two years later (april 2014), the same same squeaking sound coming from the pulleys, a little more than 20 000 kilometers done with the v-belt from 2012. Went to Hyundai, that time the mechanic tells that the climatiser compressor has to be change with a piece called ''damper'' or something like that. Last week left my Santa Fe at Hyundai, they call me back to tell me that in fact, it was again the v-belt that was used and had to be change (which I doubt), not covered by warranty. I told them that it was a nonsense since only 2 years as gone by since the v-belt was change in 2012, and that at first, their mechanic after inspection told me that he had to change the climatiser compressor and they had already order the replacement pieces for the change. At that time both receptionists agreed with me that it was indeed nonsense, that they will run a check with Hyundai to see if they would cover the fees for replacement. When they return, they told me that Hyundai politics doesn't cover for replacement of the v-belt when it's 20 000 kilometers used for a 2,7 L engine.

My question to you Santa Fe fellows, is it normal that after 20 000 kilometers that a v-belt must be change ? Could it be in fact that the climatiser compressor is causing the decay of the belt or is it that Hyundai is trying to hold back their warranty obligation since it expires in september 2014?

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My wife drives a 2009 with 3.3 liter engine. Dealer has done all the maintenance work on her car. Now at near 100K i have started to do the regular maintenance on it. I believe that the dealer is either do not pinpoint the problem or holding back. I would recommend taking it to another dealer and verify it. Also check the owners manual for normal V-belt change duration.
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