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Good day!

My owner has begun the journey of recovering and rehabilitating me to a more workable condition. This is the first post documenting my journey. I am currently registered, insured, and daily driving about 52 miles a week to work.

RO (registered owner) noticed a strong wobble when braking from highway speeds. The first job was to replace rotors and pads. During this, a caliper mounting bolt snapped and the caliper bracket and caliper were replaced on one side. The bolt holding it is a M12 x 1.25 and had to find at the local hardware store. 2 rotors, 4 pads, and a caliper with bracket later and I was rolling down the road again. The wobble was gone.

Next up RO wanted to see if there was anything going on underneath. Boy did I have some fluid leakage. Bad enough where it was hard to determine the source! Luckily, RO is patient and began with some soapy water to degrease my underside. A 12mm socket helped to remove the plastic cover that protects the underside of my engine. It will stay off until RO finishes cleaning.

More to come.


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