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Looking for advice on how to replace my Santa Fe's radiator grille. While the standard factory one is ok, while out driving one day I saw another SF with an aftermarket grille and it looked great. I did some research, and found some on eBay, eventually deciding on one from Korean company Roadruns (yeah, great name :smile).

The instructions that came with it are rather vague, and prior to ordering it I asked the seller if any modifications were required to fit it. He assured me that no mods were needed and it was very easy to fit.

So, when I tried to fit it, the first hurdle which I have been unable to jump, is removing the plastic shroud atop the radiator. It has eight plastic push-pins and four bolts, all of which I have removed. It comes away at the rear, but will not detach from the grille/front bumper (yellow arrows in reference photo) even though it feels loose. I am reluctant to use force in case it breaks something.

So, anybody know how to remove it? See the attached photos for reference - a shot of the grille on its own, one propped in front of the car so you get an idea of what it would look like, and a shot of the plastic shroud that I can't remove.

Yes, I have tried asking the seller but have had no response (surprise, surprise).

Thanks in advance,



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