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Is there anyway to increase the run time when using the remote start on a 2022 Santa Fe?

I live in the greater Phoenix area where 110-115º is the norm in summer. The reason I ask is my wife is an amputee and in a wheelchair, buy the time I get her in the passenger seat, get to the rear cargo door to put the wheelchair in the Santa Fe shuts off. When its hot it gets very uncomfortable by the time I get the rear door closed and get in to restart the car.

I think the run time is a hair longer when I use the app on my phone to start the car but I have not timed it to see if that is the case. If I could get another 10-15 seconds of run time that would be great.

I mentioned this to the dealer but they said it couldn't be adjusted. It just seems with everything controlled by computer it could be programed to run a little longer?

Any Ideas?
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