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Stalling after 45

It could be your coolant sensor---
--Run engine until it's warm,
--Unplug Coolant sensor
--If rad fan DOES NOT turn on
then replace wire harness.

Other suggestions:--Check Ohm's:
-TPS, throttle position sensor
-ICS, idle control sensor
-CSS-Camshaft sensor
-CKS-Crankshaft Sensor
-MAP sensor
Battery / alternator / ignition coils
-Canister Purge Selenoid-located @cyl.#1 (btwn. firewall and intake manifold
-Fuel pump,(main pump under rear drivers seat,(FYI__phillips screws/nuts will be corroded)

Thoroughly clean out Throttle Body
Replace spark plugs(if needed)
Replace spark wires(if needed)

-Fuel Regulator
Also Perform fuel pressure test.
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