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My nephew left the room light button on over Christmas weekend and I didn't drive it until the following Tuesday when I went to leave for work and the battery was dead. My boyfriend jump started it and from then on through the rest of the week it it had to be jump started every day until I could get in to a shop on Friday to have it looked at. They said the battery was trash amd needed to be replaced. So, I got the new battery and it's been starting fine since then.

My issue is that since the day I realized the battery went dead (Tuesday after Christmas) the sound hasn't worked. I've checked every fuse associated with the audio system including the amp fuse. All good. I tried using the little reset button on the radio but all the videos I've seen show the Hyundai symbol coming on to show that it's been reset and all the presets being erased but mine doesn't do that. I've tried holding it for just a second to about 10 seconds but it always just basically turns off the radio and shows the clock and date. Also, my presets are still there but when I turn it back on it does show the usual 87.9 like the battery was disconnected. FYI: I had the original radio replaced last year by the dealership because the screen was glitching. I want to rule everything out before replacing the amp.

I included some photos to help. As you can see the Hyundai logo doesn't come up after pushing the reset button just the incorrect date and time and my presets are still there it just turns on at 87.9.


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