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Well this is interesting. I just ran the Build & Price calculations on both the Hyundai USA and Hyundai Canada websites . . and had a BIG surprise!

Pricing comparison was between the Santa Fe Sport Tech Package trim level in the USA, and the Santa Fe Sport Luxury in Canada. These are pretty much identical except for factory GPS & Infinity system on the Tech model. Also, powertrain warranty is 10 year / 100,000mi in the USA compared to 5 years / 100,000klm in Canada, other warranty items are the same.

Build & Price comparison using standard colour and no accessories added showed these results:

USA Santa Fe Sport Tech trim, $35,725usd = $42,110cdn
Canada Santa Fe Sport Luxury $29,616usd = $34,919cdn

I'm wondering if I have this comparison correct, and if I do are the GPS, Infinity, and extra warranty worth the additional $7,191cdn/$6,109usd?

The shocking part and why I am questioning if I've done this correctly is . . cars are Always 'more' expensive in Canada, not less . . aren't they?

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