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Pre 50K maintenance visit - 2019 Ultimate, turbo

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What are the suggested items to do right before the 50k warranty expires? This has been an excellent car for me and I have had almost no warranty issues at all. Some minor items I will have the Dealer check are:

Headlight adjustment - needs to be moved down slightly as I get a lot of opposing cars thinking I have my bright lights on when I do not.​
Software update - just want Hyundai to give me the most recent software update available including the entertainment items.​
Transmission check - noticed a little hesitation shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. This is more pronounced in cold conditions & when car is cold.​
Trailer harness - I do have an aftermarket (yet dealer installed at purchase) trailer hitch & wire harness. I think I read about a recall or advisory on these.​

Is there anything else I should ask from the Dealer before my 50k warranty expires? I change the breather and cabin filters on my own & do so regularly. I have had regular oil changes and need one now so I will get that. Will consider a transmission fluid change if suggested. Overall I do not plan on paying the Dealer a ton of $$$ for every suggested fix they might come up with. I have been to those "maintenance meetings" where they tell you $1,000 of items that "needs" to be done. Sorry not going to do that.

Look forward to your comments & suggestions.
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