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Yep paint falling off.... (sigh). We made a claim with Hyundai but they turned us down so I have no choice but to repair it myself. Paying a professional shop to do it would cost as much as the car is currently worth! I have painted several cars and boats over the years so I'm up to the task and my garage is setup as a down-draft paint shop so I'm setup to do it right.

I have a few questions about the exterior components that I hope someone on here can answer.
  1. How do the exterior window trim pieces come off? I found a screw at each end of the lower pieces but they dont seem to want to come free. The others I'm not sure of at all.
  2. How do the roof racks come off? It looks like the head liner needs to come down to access fasteners inside.
  3. Where is a good place to buy the various plastic clips that broke when taking things apart?

Thanks for any help.
Kevin Murray
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