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Hi Everyone,

We need your help. We are conducting a study for the Sonata 2015 model with navigation system in Irvine, California area. We understand that there have been some issues with the NAVIGATION, BLUETOOTH, and VOICE RECOGNITION.

It is a 2 hour study to discuss the NAVIGATION, BLUETOOTH and VOICE RECOGNITION issues. There is a very good monetary compensation for participating in the study. This is to improve the SONATA! I have been able to find a couple people, but I still need more for the study starts next Tuesday. I tried calling various venues to little avail. Do you guys have suggestions or know people that may be interested. Please respond back, and thank you. We aim to make Hyundai PERFECT :)

If you are interested in this study, please call 718-673-9239 and ask for Catherine.

Thank you for you time!
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