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2nd new Hyundai for me, 6th in my family(me and my kids). I have a 2014 Sante Fe with one of the afflicted 2.4L engines. When the vehicle was new I would fill up and see my range was around 590 kms. I would see it decrease to approx. 525 kms per tank as per the display on the info display after a few years. Sept 2019 I had filled up the tank, took it to the dealer to have an oil change done and the R0153 recall completed (ECU update for knock Sensor Detection System). A week later I went on a trip to visit family, came back and filled up. When I filled up the range for a full tank of gas went down to 422 kms. I'm not sure if the ECM recall would have anything to do fuel economy going down so badly. The vehicle has less than 50,000 kms on it but the warranty just ran out.
Does the range display depend on the fuel gauge system or combined with the ECM and driving habits. I ran around the city last night after resetting the liters per 100 kms reading and was averaging 9 to 10 liters per 100 kms. I then went on the highway and reset it again and was averaging 7 to 8 liters per 100 kms. The Range display never changed. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be the fuel? I had filled up at Sam's Club in Niagara Falls NY.
Thanks, Bob
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