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I have had my SF ultimate for about a month now. Really like it so far, have about 1k miles logged. The turbo is a little hard to get used to coming off a stop light, as I have a tendency to zoom out of the blocks. But plenty of power overall.

the biggest pain point is the feature that automatically turns off the car while stopped at a Stop Light. I know you can disable this feature, but you have to do so every time you get into the car. Hyundai really needs to come out with a software fix that will allow us to disable this feature on a long-term true on/off basis. I would permanently turn it off. I plan to drive this car for 8 years or more and into the $150k miles range. With the car having to restart multiple times on every drive, I can see this feature resulting in starter motors going bad more often. The cost of even 1 additional new starter would fully offset the gas savings from all those shutdowns.

So far gas mileage is not very good, around 22 maybe 23 mpg in City driving. But I also am probably labeled as a "heavy foot" driver, so my mileage may not be comparable to others. Not really sure about highway yet as I have not been on any longer trips where highway was the majority of the trip.

I have sync'd my phone to the car and those features work very well & are easy to do. However I have not read up very much on the "Blue Link" systems and those features. Thus I have not really used the center console / Nav features very much yet.

Having come from a 13 year old vehicle, all of the bells & whistles of this car are both nice and somewhat annoying. the plan is to still use all of those "assists" for a while long before deciding which ones to disable. However they are making me a better driver because now i use my blinkers to signal a lane change a lot more, otherwise I get reminders & steering nudges that I didn't use them. The heads up display is really cool. One negative point about it, is that it is nearly impossible to see when you have sunglasses on. The filters inthe sunglasses completely filter out the heads up display info, so its not see-able on a sunny day. But really nice / cool feature.

That's all for my first comments.
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