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New SFS owner and new member.

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My name is Bob and I just bought a '13 SF Sport about 3 weeks ago. I'm actually in Albuquerque, NM and often get to Santa Fe. It does feel a little weird to drive my "Santa Fe" to "Santa Fe".

I got the 2.0T AWD with many of the "bells and whistles" but not all. I (at least so far) really like the car. It is not only my first Hyundai but my first SUV. Before this, it was all roadsters (, MGB, S2000, etc) or Mustangs so this is quite a change. I made the jump to have a little more room, to do light off-road and to easily get my 1 yr old grandson and his car seat in the back. (Ever try to put a car seat and a 1 yr old in the back of a Mustang?)

I look forward to chatting about things to do with the SFS.
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