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Hey guys

Hyundai recently issued a recall R0165 for the faulty wiring harness in June 2020. They issued the recall regarding their OEM harness AND the aftermarket one. Problem is the dealer refused me because mine wasn't was aftermarket.

Curt Manufacturing (Hyundai OEM)
Horizon Global (Tekonsha Brand aftermarket)

I used my wiring harness ONCE for about 1.5 hours and it melted like recall described. Thought it was extremely odd that it failed and then I got a recall about this exact thing about 1 week later!! Oh and this recall says your car can catch on fire just sitting in the driveway doing nothing.....NICE! Ugh

Even though Hyundai also named Horizon Global in their recall, they won't honour the recall for me because the don't know what part number is faulty to know if it's mine or not - even thought mine IS made my Horizong Global/Tekonsha. They can only identify their own OEM...which I don't have. But the recall is one or the other - so this is what I don't get!! Why can't they?!

I have been through the dealer, Hyundai Canada, Transport Canada (useless), Horizon Global, Tekonsha and the authorized Horizon Global place that installed it - omg I don't what to do! They're ALL giving me the run around and this is BS!

I feel I have the aftermarket faulty harness that's tied to this recall since it failed exactly as described when using it only once, but Hyundai nor anyone i've spoken with seems to take responsibility for it. WTF?!!!!! I feel they absolutely should! How can Hyundai deny my recall when they can't even identify if my part even IS part of the recall?! They're the ones who issued it for aftermarket/3rd party manufacturer as well, so shouldn't they be able to tell me if mine is the faulty one or not?! (Not just their OEM part)

What do I do now?? Who can I go to??

Is anyone else having issues with their wiring harness?
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