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Just purchased my 2nd Santa Fe, a 2016 SE with 3.3 V6, 23,000 miles. I bought a 2010 with 4cyl, brand new in 2010, the only reason I traded it was to get something to tow a camper. The 2010 had only 46,000 miles and would have lasted 10 more years. Wish I could have kept it. Anyway, 1 day in the 2016 and loving it, great car. I will be adding a trailer hitch and plan to buy a moderate camper, likely around 3,000lbs dry weight with a goal of no more than 4,000lbs fully loaded. This keeps me well under the 2016 Santa Fe's tow rating of 5,000lbs. I plan to use weight distribution, sway control, and trailer brakes.
I've not seen many posts describing the Santa Fe's towing capability, I would surely appreciate hearing about anyone's experiences towing. I'll be sure to post mine.
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