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I never expected to be buying a Hyundai Santa Fe But we did.
Traded in a 2011 Audi S5 cabriolet with snow tires, on for a 2016 pre owned Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0T Ultimate with everything except AWD

The wife hated my Audi I think more so because it made every guy under 65 drool and want to talk about the car.
She had her sights set on a Nissan Juke...Me if you are getting the Juke it must be a Nismo AWD well could not find one we liked so kept the Audi. We were down in Florida for a funeral and my step son works at a car dealership (conspiracy)
We stop in so he could show us around and as I am looking around unimpressed, the Wife see this Canyon Copper 2016 Hyundai sitting there all alone. She is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. We had a leased Hyundai Elantra before so I was familiar with the brand. But I did not like her base model Elantra no pick up to it. But I liked the options included in the base.

The Hyundai lease was exceptional when it came time to turn it in so I was a slight fan.

So when the dealership offered me 25k for the Audi I took it and since it was payed off I went ahead and gave them 4k for the Hyundai. The car had 31k miles on it seriously driven by old retired people in Florida but they traded it in the day before for a truck so that they could tow a boat. Being the skeptical person I am I took a look at the paper work and verified it.
even at 31k it had the new car smell and was pristine. and to sweeten the deal they threw in the mopar platinum warranty to double cover the car. (free so I took it)

Driving back to D.C. we hit snow flurries and freezing rain was not too happy leaving the Audi and even worse my wife was driving a FWD Hyundai 80 miles an hour in those conditions. But alas we made it home o.k. and I am slowly falling in love with the vehicle although I can count on one hand the times I have driven it.

Next step is to purchase a small travel trailer so looking for opinions from people who have towed a travel trailer and what was the largest size/weight they have towed with.

Thanks for reading.
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