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Hi everyone,

I do not know where else to turn so I figured what do I have to loose by asking. my step son bought a @002 Santa Fe FWD V6-2.7L from our neighbor, theytold him all it needed was new wheels to pass safety and emissions tesy. So he trusted them, wheel it needed a lot more.
I have already helped him fix the cv shaft and replace the mass airflow and welded holes all over the exhaust system.
I have done OBD diagnostics test using Torque App and it was reading a P0501 and P1500.
It tells me p0501 is a powertrain vehicle speed sensor range/preformance.For the p0501 from my research I found on google it said it could be a faulty sensor that is on the differential or a faulty harness. Is this correct?
p1500 is a powertrain but no other info. I do not know what this means because I could not find anything for Hyundai Santa fe, the info I found was for other make cars, which had different meanings for different makes.

Also some things I have noticed is that when the car is idleing the speedometer needle moves up on its own, likes it is revving without hitting the gas. Also when slowing down whit out hitting the brake the car seems to buck/jump. I do not know if this has anything to do with the error or not.

Can someone please help me figure out what both these codes mean on this vehicle and what we must do to fix it.If I do have to replace the Speed sensor, where is it located?

My son does not have a lot of money since he spent all his summer savings on the car, so any help will be greatly appreciated since he needs to get rid of these error codes so that the check engine light clears.Here in Ontario Canada a new emissions test is used , it is called on board diagnostics therefore the check engine light has to be off.
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