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My 2004 Sante Fe (4 cylinder) stalled and wouldn't start. I knew at the time I had a "misfire at #2 ".

Since then we've replaced the spark plug and the wires. We were told we would need to replace the Ignition Control Module. (A part that would take a week to order or possibly a trip to the junkyard). This came from a print out I got when I had my car in the shop. However, the print out might suggest it's not the ICM that needs replacing at all. (See image below

However, the only part we were able to find in the car was the similar looking "Misfire Sensor".

Any thought on if the 2004 even has an ICM? If so, where is it located? Could it be the Misfire Sensor that needs replacing instead?

Please help, I'm leaving my house now to try to fix the truck. Will be checking back on my phone.




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