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Hi Guys,

Hope you are well.

Just letting you know that I have Hyundai Santa Fe 2012 and I have been doing some research about the LED. The problem is the OEM housing socket hole that is small too small to fit any LED conversion bulb. There are 2 things you need to remember.

1) The OEM Housing socket hole is too small
2) You will need the bulb retainer holder adapter.

I have bought the Lasfit H7 LED and the LED will not go inside the OEM housing socket hole. I cannot forced it. The only solution is to round file on the hole top and bottom hole for about 10 mins. The LED will go inside the OEM housing socket and your retainer holder adapter will lock inside headlight socket.

Here is the picture of the OEM housing socket. All you need to do is to half file the top & bottom hole then your LED will fit right inside. You will need the retainer adapter to use the the LED

Have a great one!


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