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I'm the happy owner of a 2006/2007 Santa Fe 2, V6 auto.

The car works fine so far.

I just have a "little" problem with the radio, which doesn't make any sound. I put it at the dealer to solve this problem, and solve also the courtesy light not working when openeing the doors.

I had my car back Friday afternoon. The dealer told me the previous owner did completely destroy the audio harness and that they had to restore it: $100...

So I took my car, and the radio does swich on, illuminates, but... not a sound.

Suspecting something wrong, I took the head unit out and found this:
Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Automotive exterior Vehicle door Gas

Circuit component Engineering Font Thumb Fashion accessory

Guitar accessory Musical instrument accessory Finger Thumb Audio equipment

Electrical wiring Finger Cable Gas Electronic engineering

Finger Electrical wiring Gas Engineering Electronic engineering

This is what they call a harness restoration. Needless to say that mi visit to the dealer tomorrow will be funny.

That being said, I will certainly do better restoring myself the harness, but I need the wiring diagram of the connector. Any of you does have that to share?
Thank you in advance.
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