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The two components of my keyless-entry fob regularly come apart "by themselves". To date I had only had this happen in my handbag or hands - no big problem, until it happened when out in public, the main black button part was lost and the car left undriveable with only the manual stick/key remaining. Car is still under 5-yr warranty.
Just went to local dealership, they were understanding - the manager has it happens to him all the time whilst keys are stored in his pocket, and another lady in reception has had the same experience. They said they were unable to replace it as faulty under the warranty as Hyundai itself wouldn't honour it (and they'd be left out of pocket). I called customer care and got the same stone wall.
A quick google of other forums suggests its a common problem and people have come up with a variety of solutions from filing down the silver release button so it can't accidentally be pushed, to silicone covers and duct tape.
Whilst this information helps me with making the spare key safe, it doesn't get my main key fixed/replaced. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm sure Hyundai must know about it (?!). Has anyone tried to claim under warranty and what was the outcome?
The key is designed to be used on a keyring, but it is clearly faulty as normal use causes it to fall apart. A key is not an accessory, but a fundamental part of the vehicle without which the other $50,000 odd of machinery is unuseable. If our sideview mirrors regularly fell off with a routine bump (speed hump?) would this be acceptable?
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