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Hey Guys,

I need help from you all because I think I made a bad choice getting a manager vehicle as I believe they didn't do anything about the carbon build up on the intake valve and turbo and the vehicle have over 13,000km. Anyone out there knows how to clean this without a tear down. I also want to do a lot of things to my car but warranty is always waving it's flag over my head. I got a bumper to bumper warranty for 7 years yes extended. This means no playing with my car till after that?? I wanted wider tires and lift kit and reinforced the vehicle to have less body roll but I think any of these my hurt warranty? I wanted to put those LED door slits, power folding side mirrors, change out all window buttons have 1 touch affect that's all for now haha :grin I know alot right so I need a lot of suggestions.

I more thing I am also experience the horrible the hesitation coming out of corner acceleration issue been to the dealer no answer there. Going back in June 15 for tips on my vehicle will be bring this issue up as will and share with you guys if I get any answers. I also compliant to hyundai canada about it and send them the possible fix on one of the forum to see if they know anything about it.

Thanks guys for reading this and any reply would help thanks
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