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Happy new year for starters. This is my first forray into the forum so thanks for any help you can provide as I am about to pull my hair out on this one. It may be a tad lengthy, but I wanted to tell the story of what the issue was and is now so it may help you come up with the advise I need.

I have a 2012 Santa Fe and the front map light fixture was where my issue started. I believe from what I read that the diode had gone bad because the map lights would work if the light button was pressed, but not if the door button was pressed. At that point, the only issue I had was the light now working when the door opened. So, I ordered a replacement part and tried to install it today. It was harder to get the old one out than last time, but it came out no worse for wear and I unplugged the old map light fixture. I plugged in the new one and it did not work at all. I checked the wire and it looked fine, the prongs and they were fine and tried it again... nothing. Now, the back seat dome light and trunk dome light don't work either. (with the new map light plugged in or not) Old one back in and still nothing. Checked the manual for the fuse that is supposed to control those lights and it is fine. I got frustrated because it made no sense and gave up for the night. (no light is even plugged in where the map light goes for now) I come in the house and now every hour or two (when I lock the car) the alarm sounds for no reason. The alarm button won't shut it off either, I have to hit unlock and it stops. (3 times in the last 5 hours now) So, I have decided to leave it unlocked for now. So far, so good. BUT, I need to lock my car when I am out without the alarm sounding and I need my dome lights working. HELP...

Everything else with / in the car seems to be normal. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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