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Installing new audio unit

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Can someone please help me with finding the right audio wire diagram for my 2011 santa fe
It worked once before but had to get a new harness and none of the wires matched in the universal harness I got. So been trying to repin the harness but every time I think i have it.. when I secure it all make sure all wires are good and tight. It won't work. I downloaded the pinout from the mechanics Handbook and it doesn't seem to work that way at all


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I did check wires with multimeter
Blue wire is my acc
12 volts only with ignition on
Red and black is my constant 12 volts with car on Or off
Both black and green wire has no voltage
Yellow 12 volts does when lights are on
So illumination
Then the hand book says the wire that is the black and orange is illum. Negitive .?? Never heard of illum neg
This came out of the mechanics handbook


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