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After the critical success of the Genesis, Hyundai is considering adding a new large luxury SUV to its lineup but not without some hesitation.

According to Automotive News, the Korean automaker is looking to build a SUV on its Genesis platform, although no hard decision has been made yet.

The SUV could be about two or three years away, with the main objective of bringing the appeal of the higher-end Genesis to a SUV and raising the company’s overall brand image.

The hesitation comes with the fact that Hyundai had a premium SUV in the past called the Veracruz. Sold in the US between 2007 and 2012, the SUV didn’t quite resonate with buyers at the time. Since then, the car has only been on sale in Korea, but production is stopping at the end of next month.

However, when Hyundai confirmed the discontinuation of the Veracruz, the company said 'this does not mean we are giving up on a large SUV lineup.'

The company also told Reuters that they 'are considering developing premium, large SUVs based on customers’ needs. We plan to respond to the fast-changing market centred around SUVs by beefing up our SUV line-up.'

Currently the company has two crossovers: the small Tucson and the Santa Fe, the latter of which is offered as a five or seven passenger vehicle.
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