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Hyundai redefined what its customers could expect when it first launched the Genesis sedan but the second generation model is even more surprising than the first.

In fact, it’s such a stand-out product, within its segment and the auto industry as a whole, that today we’re pleased to announce the second-generation Genesis sedan is the 2015 Car of the Year.

The Genesis delivers smooth acceleration, a quiet ride and impressive driving dynamics.’s editors are unanimously impressed with it both as a follow-up to the previous model and as a luxury sedan in general.

“The Genesis impressed us with high-quality interior materials, refined driving dynamics and dramatic exterior styling that elevates the Hyundai brand as a whole,” said Managing Editor Luke Vandezande. “More than a great car, the 2015 Genesis is a great luxury car.”

The new Genesis is available with either a 3.8-liter V6 that offers 311 hp or a 5.0-liter V8 with 420 and an eight-speed automatic transmission. New for this generation, Hyundai is offering both rear- and all-wheel drive with the six-cylinder model courtesy of a new platform.

Hyundai hired Lotus to help tune the new chassis as part of an effort to deliver a car that would feel totally at home in the luxury sedan segment and it worked.

Admirable driving dynamics are only one part of what is a thoroughly well-executed package. It’s also available with especially soft leather upholstery and open pore wood trim that both make the Genesis seem much more expensive than it is.

A high-resolution screen married to a straightforward user interface avoid one of the greatest pitfalls in today’s technology drenched vehicles: being confusing and cumbersome.

Hyundai’s packaging flexibility is also especially attractive because it means the most premium trim and options are available regardless of powertrain choice.

It also doesn’t hurt that Hyundai’s design team outdid itself this time with a car that looks expensive. As the maiden vehicle to wear Hyundai’s new design language, the Genesis is a strong kickoff to the future style for Hyundai’s portfolio.

One of five finalists chosen from the list of new or significantly refreshed 2015 model year vehicles, the Genesis beat the Volkswagen GTI, the Audi A3, the Subaru WRX STI and the Ford Mustang.

“Congratulations to the team at Hyundai,” said AutoGuide Group Editorial Director Colum Wood, “but the real winner here is the consumer, with the Genesis costing many thousands less than its rivals.”

“The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is a car that traditional luxury buyers need to take a look at,” said Wood, “and with styling like this, how can you not do a double-take?”

For all those reasons and more, we are proud to give Hyundai’s Genesis the 2015 Car of the Year award.

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