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I bought a 2018 Santa Fe SE w/ 38,350 mileage from Hyundai of Vacaville on August 7th. Compared to my trade-in, a 2002 Mazda Protege5, I'm really diggin' it.
Finally, a modern vehicle ! Bluetooth; an Infotainment system; electric power steering; "Sport Mode"; all sorts of modern conveniences ! The car looks great aside from a few spots where previous owner let bird sh*t craze the clear coat. Effing birds ! That will get handled though.
CarFax report looks good for routine maintenance history & nothing out of ordinary. Looks like I might need to start an Escrow account for the 60K valve clearance inspection (kidding, maybe). I thought I'd studied the Lambda II V-6 tech enough, but a little bit surprised that a modern motor didn't use hydraulic lifters. Even my 1991 300ZX VG30DE uses them, and makes pretty good HP. The measurement procedure is somewhat similar to my 1993 Kawasaki ZX-11D, but "A man has to know his limitations" said a wise man once in a movie. No way I'm disconnecting cam chains, removing cams, etc, etc.
So, I'm otherwise pretty impressed with throttle response; power; Shiftronic; braking & handling of my new-to-me Santa Fe, (for an SUV) but really underwhelmed by it's projector low-beams. High-beam throws both sets on, but obviously gets the typical response. The manual calls for H7 halogens & both bulbs are fine, neither one is dimmer than the other & no evidence of lens interference (moisture, dirt, etc.).
I'm wondering if any other Santa Fe owners in the 2017 ~ 2018 model-year range have experimented with Phillips "CrystalVision" H7 bulbs, or something similar ? Or, LED kits, like Fahren or some other high-quality brand ? If so, fitment problems; overheating; weird ECU hiccups, or other electrical system problems ? Anyone tried HID conversion kits maybe, if there are any ?
It looks like it takes little-kid sized hands to actually change the low-beam bulbs at any rate, so any helpful tricks for working in there would be much appreciated.
Anyway, casting a wide net here, so if you've improved your low-beam light on a 2017 or 2018 Santa Fe, I'd like to hear about it.
I once hit a square cement irrigation pipe laying on I-80 WB in Davis, CA on a late Christmas night about 30 years ago. Tore the crap out of my Capri. It made me a big fan of throwing plenty of light on the road ahead.
Thanks in advance for any relevant suggestions.
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