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I have a 2003 Santa fe V6 Auto. Ive had it for 2 years and i absolutley love it the last week it started playing up

first it would not go into reverse until it had warmed up, and for the first 20 mins of driving it was jolting (kangerooing) down the road. after 20 mins it was driving fine, smoothly up and down the gears etc.

it did this for a couple of days, and then whilst driving the engine management light came on, the car slowed to 20 MPH and it now makes quite a load noise!

i took it to my local garage and they have said that they cannot read the codes as its to old and suggested i just scrap it and get a newer car.. helpful i know :(

so i ordered my own code reader and the codes came up

P0733 Gear 3 Incorrect ratio
P0734 Gear 4 Incorrect ratio

Ive spent the last few days reading through the forums, and google trying to find out what i can do to fix it

ive checked the transmission fluid, its full and doesnt smell burnt, so from what ive read the chances are its not a problem with this, so not sure if there is any point in changing it

then ive also read about sensors? but not sure what sensors they mean??

if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction i really would appreciate it, im not ready for my car to go to scrap yard heaven jest yet and really want to save it

thanks in advance

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