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Hello from new owner in NW Florida

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Two weeks ago, we purchased a 2017 SFS 2.0T Ultimate, white, grey leather and moon roof. This is our first Hyundai and we hope to keep it a very long time. It'll be my wife's DD. Other cars in the stable.

(2) 2002 4Runners, one with 170K miles doing duty as one of our college kids primary wheels and one with 256K miles as my work vehicle. Nothing wrong with either, just getting a little long in the tooth.
2004 Nissan 350Z Roadster with 125K miles. This is a very troublefree vehicle but will be sold in the spring as it was my wife's DD.
2000 Porsche Boxster S with 132K miles. Hands down the best sports car I've ever owned. As tight and trouble free as the day I purchased it in July of 2008.
1984 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce with 72K miles. Red of course and, get this, it is rust free! Notice I didn't say trouble free? Actually, the car has been very reliable as long as it doesn't sit too long.

I do all my own work on my cars so handing the keys over for dealer warranty work will be a new experience.

That being said, I plan to do my own first oil/filter change at 1,000 miles instead of waiting for the freebie at 3,000 miles. Kind of old school but I'll feel better getting rid of the original factory fill.

Anyway, I notice this forum isn't nearly as active as the Porsche and Alfa forums I frequent. I hope we can generate some shared knowledge of our ownership experience.
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