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So yesterday I had to have my 2014 santa fe sport towed. When I went to work I had about 90 miles on my tank so I said to myself I'll get gas on the way home. Well on the way home I had about 30 miles left on my tank. I pull in and the door won't release. So I have a minor freak out and start driving while I think of what to do. There's another gas station 15 miles down the road.

Well on the way I remember when I was going over my owner's manual there is a manual release. So I pull in and try it.... nothing. I can hear a relay, or actuator.... something clicking when I hit the button on the door. I can hear the same noise when pulling the manual release... nothing. I try prying on it while pulling on the handle and still nothing. I had a friend helping, I hit the door one, he hits the manual and pulls and still nothing.

So I call Hyundai roadside assistance and had the pleasure of trying to explain this problem to somebody in India. It took about 10 minutes to get her to understand that I couldn't put gas in the car because the door wouldn't open. It came to the point where I told her "The car is not disabled now, but I can drive it until I run out of gas and call you back if you'd like."

Anyway... Any ideas what may have caused this? It damn well better be covered under my bumper to bumper warranty.
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