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Front Turn Signal SOCKET

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Was hoping someone might know the right Part # since Hyundai Dealer parts dept. unable to do so:

Needing to change a front turn signal bulb in my 2011 Sante Fe, the socket, with the bulb slipped out of fingers only to disappear down into the frame. According to dealer this is part #921653K000 .

This part is not even close. Going on-line for OEM after market parts, agrees that the above part doesn't fit my car and was given part #921660A500 . Picked up this part at local Hyundai Dealer. The socket itself fits the hole, but the contacts are wrong. When installed, both elements are lit (only should be one).

Can anyone give me a correct part number for this socket? Thank you!
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Go to Auto zone or O'Rileys, don't go to the dealerships for older parts, they will over charge you.
Nope. Nobody not even Hyundai can find the right part. Went to two Hyundai Dealerships with the right part in hand, but unwilling or too lazy to match it up. Am I going to have to buy an entire headlight assy. for $300 + for a $10 part? This is really getting crazy...
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