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From Another World but still with a Santa Fe

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Hi Everyone,

I am from India & am not sure if I am welcomed on this Forum being from the other side of the planet. The only thing common I have is I own a Santa Fe which is very different from the one you get in US specially in its engine, internal configurations & features.

I recently bought a 4WD Santa Fe (Short Wheel Base or Sport that its known in your market as SWB is the only option we have in India) which has 7 seats, Beige interiors, Smaller Display panel on the Dash, Turbo Charged CRDI 2.2 Ltr 197 Bhp & 440 Nm Torque Engine, Many features (like LED Tail lights, Electric Side View Mirrors, Etc.) as standard which I guess are different from the model Sport available in your market.

We do ot have heated seats, heated steering or panoramic sunroof options even on out top models. I miss none as we have enough of sun anyway & with all the dust may be a sunroof is difficult to maintain as well. It does get cold over where I live but for 3 weeks in a year & so its fine to live without these features.

Sharing some photo's which may be of interest to some as Santa Fe is sold by Hyundai in about 60 countries & is manufactured by Hyundai in India as well being one of their major manufacturing hubs for RH Drive markets.

I got my Santa Fe laminated by 3M PPT (Paint Protection Film) which is a UV protector & also takes care of any unwanted (even deliberately done) scratches.

Hope you enjoy watching my Santa Fe which otherwise looks & is also actually identical externally to the one you have in your market.

Thanks for your time,


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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