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Just bought our 2019 SF AWD Silver Limited 2.4L a couple weeks ago. Will add a review after a few more miles, perhaps after some winter snow driving mid Nov here in Minnesnowta. Happy so far despite only driving it around town and local freeway < 200 miles, seeing a non-scientific 23mpg vs 14 on the Jeep. Wife likes the ride, interior comfort/leather and adjustable passenger HEATED seat plus power liftgate. I'm all for the safety features, great LED headlights and infotainment including Android auto. Why isn't there a 4th gen 2019 grouping?

ADDED mid January after 3 months of ownership. We've driven in messy snow 2-3 times now but a pretty mild winter so far. Glad there is a 4th gen Santa Fe group since December although not as active as some internet sites...will continue to check this weekly. Also looks like this web site is very much international which is great! I understand Santa Fe in EU and elsewhere has the diesel and maybe 3rd row of seats. I don't need a 3rd row hardly ever but a diesel option may have been a consideration despite diesel cars being very rare in the US. Gas/petrol is still very cheap in the US with outlook to stay that way for years however Santa Fe AWD 2.4 gets much better than our old Jeeps but still about 22 city 28 best highway miles per gallon not super. Very much enjoying the comfort and safety features after 3 months. Planning to add a tow hitch and amateur radio 144mhz transceiver this spring.


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