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Engine Whine

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I haven't been very successful with searches so hopefully I'm not beating a dead horse here. Our 2011, 3.5L, V-6 (60K miles) has recently started whining when running. It is particularly loud (outside) when the engine is first started and you hear it while driving as the transmission runs through the gears. The typical engine sound of the rising engine pitch that drops back off with each gear change is still there, but now it's accompanied by a much higher pitch whining sound. We also noticed yesterday that there is a bit of a clunking noise when you slowly let up on the throttle as the car transitions from powered to coasting modes. It is still VERY smooth, so I don't think it's transmission.
Any Ideas? Headed to the dealership this afternoon but it's hard to talk to an actual mechanic. Typically just see the service advisers who only know what their computer terminals tell them.
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search around for timing chain issues. Sounds like the same thing that was going on with our 2011 Sonata
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