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Hey Everyone,

I own a 2013 sante fe sport 2.0l turbo. I learned of the engine recall due to the oil being contaminated with metal flakes not being blown out of engine during manufacturing, which is causing premature engine wear and ultimately engine failure while driving. Learned of this around the end of June 2017 by lettee recieved from manufacturer itself.
July 3rd, had truck at dealer to have oil changed. They said they did the 'test Hyundai made to see if your engine was having this specific issue and my engine passed.
July 25th, vehicle stalls while driving and engine dies!!! Left me on the side of the road. Got it towed to Hyundai and they confirmed engine failure due to engine recall.
They are going to replace my engine but Hyundai is telling me that my turbo is not affected by the engine recall.

How is it possible that my turbo is not affected by this when, the SAME oil that runs thru my engine(which is contaminated with metal flakes destroying the inside of my engine) is flowing thru my turbo??
Am I misunderstanding how my turbo works? If so someone pleas correct me.

Is anyone else affected by this recall? If so, what has happened with your vehicle and what kind of answers are you getting from your Hyundai dealer?

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