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I am swapping out my 165k engine [from 2005 Santa Fe LX] rather than fix the blown head gaskets. The original 2005 engine has an oil engine cooler assembly - part 26410-39650, while the newly purchased one [2003 or 2004] does not, and never had one [missing machined coolant lines near the thermostat]. All of the diagrams show the 3.5L V6 as having the oil engine cooler assembly, and there is only one oil filter bracket number at a time - parts 21395-39010, -39011, and -39060 and only one hollow "bolt" available - actually a hollow screw that holds on the engine oil cooler assembly and allows transmission of oil through it to the oil filter, part 26420-39650. The Hyundai Santa Fe continues to have an engine oil cooler assembly through the current model - one of the reasons I am reluctant to leave it off.

Mitchell repair manual shows that swapping the oil filter bracket in a 3.5L V6 is a 1.8 hour job, complexity low, and the repair portion says to simply unbolt the three bolts holding this bracket in. However, the lower engine mount plate covers this bracket; one of the lower bolts cannot be unscrewed fully, and the top one seems impossible to access. Removing the lower engine mount plate also has the timing belt tensioner on it - removing the belt and tensioner is not low complexity.
1) how important is it to have the engine oil cooler assembly? The engine originally did not have it, but the working 91k engine was possibly produced early in 2003 with no engine oil cooler and corrected in later models - these seem to be standard through the current models.
2) is there some trick to accessing the bolts on the oil filter adapter bracket, so those can be swapped without removing the timing belt? The gasket is sold all over, but I can't see how it could be reasonably accessed in-car - certainly not 1.8 hours.
3) I have not been able to find the oil filter adapter bracket that is installed in the new engine. It is difficult to determine whether there is a hollow screw that threads into the oil filter adapter bracket (with it being the same part, and the screw could be gotten out and swapped), or whether it is one molded piece and the entire bracket does need to be swapped. Any insight?

Oil filter adapter bracket - hollow screw will possibly come out and fit the engine oil cooler assembly screw?

Holding up engine oil cooler assembly

Lower bolt still partially screwed in; top bolt inaccessible - oil filter adapter bracket.

Front engine diagram
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