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TWO 2007 Santa Fe Ltd (Both Black, both purchased at the same time)
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Hi all.
I've accidentally broken off the inside right front door pull handle. I did purchase a factory replacement and set about replacing it myself. I removed the door panel and unmounted the door handle assembly. I then fit the two cables into the holes and fed the cable through the channels locking the outer jacket in place. A manual test shows the handle and the lock lever working. Then I reinstalled the door panel without issue.
My problem is this: The door opens with the inside handle as expected. I can rock the inside lock lever and the door will lock/unlock. However, with the electric locks, either using the door switch or the key fob button, I hear the click but the lock doesn't function. With lock or unlock depending on which button was pressed.
Therefore, does anyone know what I should look for to determine why the electric lock on this one door no longer function? I'm sure it had something to do with my installation but it was pretty straight forward.
Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated. BTW - my two Santa Fe's are 14 1/2 years old and have 112K and 140K respectively and the still look and run great.
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