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Happy New Year All!
Just bought a 2008 Santa Dr with 150k on it. Had new struts, Ball Joins, the rods. Vehicle was very clean and engine was clean as well without looking like it was just powerwashed.
Getting to the point, after driving it for a day it stalled on the interstate, wouldn't turn over just click click ( started I assumed)
Had it towed home.
Next morning I checked the battery. It was fine. So proceed to remove starter for a bench test.
removing the splash gaurd from under engine I seen a chunk of aluminum laying inside. Gave me grave concern. Got starter removed and was able to see hold in the block and piston lower connecting rod bearing half out of the hole.
Grew up in my dad's body shop and helping build "modifieds" for Saturday night racing at the local.short track.
Just don't have a place to do the repairs anymore.
Anyone have an estimate what it would cost me to replace the motor or its even worth the cost?
Paid $4200 for it. Its the AWD 3.1 V6.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Rick Haskett
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