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looking for something slightly larger than my compact Alfa SUV to go comfortably on road trips and stuff with my 2 teenage boys. My alfa is fun to drive for the 95% of time we're not all in it, but for day trips to the beach it can be a squeeze for the 2nd row (2nd row legroom is only ~32 inches)...I want something that's not a dog to drive that gives us just a little more 2nd row space...

I've seen all the reviews. The calligraphy has all the lux I need, the 2nd row has some good legroom for my older 6-1 son, and the engine sounds fairly peppy if the 0-60 numbers are correct (~ 6 seconds?) a sort of quasi driving enthusiast I really appreciate the 8 spd torque converter tranny and 2.0 T of my alfa, it's razor sharp steering and low-end grunt from the turbo etc, but I'm willing to lose SOME of that selfish indulgence to pay for a more enjoyable family experience.

So how is the driving experience? is it snappy? does it have some low-end grunt and is the 8spd DCT responsive? is the info/nav/carplay well integrated?

(I'm looking to do a test drive soon as I find a calligraphy in my area)

thanks for any/all feedback.
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